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2012 Nechville Geometric Eclipse SOLD

Price: CDN $1850
US Price: US $1473.28
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 0308-873
Nechville banjos, like this Nechville Geometric Eclipse, are at the leading edge of modern banjo design.

The Nechville Geometric Eclipse is an ultra light-weight bluegrass banjo with a Maple tone ring, neck and resonator.

Built in 2012, this example of Tom Nechville's innovative work is in very good shape, and has been recently set up by Grant MacNeill here at The Twelfth Fret. A Levy's cloth strap and the original black padded deluxe bag are included.

Learn more about the Nechville Geometric Banjo at the Nechville Banjos website!

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