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2012 Ramirez SPR Spruce Top ‘Semi Professional’ (SOLD)

Price: CDN $3550
US Price: US $2827.11
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 12-020, built during 2012 at the Ramirez shop in Madrid, Spain.
The Ramirez SPR semi-professional classical guitar is an intermediate model between the Ramirez studio and professional instruments and is available with either a Spruce or Cedar top. The Ramirez SPR is based on the model SP designed by Amalia Ramírez in 2002, and introduces improvements both in the quality and in the price. The ornamentation is different on the tie block - for the SPR it has the same mosaic as the rosette.

The SPR guitar is partially built in Ramírez workshop, where it is carefully inspected, adjusted and certified once it is totally finished.

AS with all guitars built within Madrid, the finish coats are applied offsite due to local regulations. Once the instrument is basically constructed and prepped for finish, it's sent to the finisher, then brought back for bridge gluing, inspection, and setup.

While this example is not so equipped, the Ramirez SPR is also available with MIDI and pickup systems by Schertler and Fishman.

This example was built during 2012 and is in excellent condition. It is built with a German Spruce top with 8 fan braces, Indian Rosewood back and sides, and a Spanish cedar neck with 650mm scale length ebony fingerboard. A Ramirez 'Euro' case is included.

Visit the Guitarras Ramirez website to read more about the Ramirez SPR Classical Guitar.

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