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SOLD!!! 2012 Rickenbacker 360 JetGlo with Bardens

Price: CDN $2199.99
US Price: US $1752.00
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Class: Used
S/N: 12 30642, built during 2012 at the Rickenbacker shop in Santa Ana, California.
As the outgrowth of a design effort between Rickenbacker and Roger Rossmeisl in the late 1950's, the Rickenbacker 360 is one of the classic American guitars. The maple body is built with a hollowed out, shaped cap and flat back with one cat-slash soundhole, and the maple neck extends the full length of the guitar. I find the body, with its very rounded edges, light weight and full width, to be very comfortable for sitting or standing. And it is definitely an eye-catcher!

Rickebacker guitars have a distinct sound, and are well known for their brightness, clarity, and a quality known as 'Jangle'. Part of how that's produced is via single-coil pickups, which can be rather noisy, depending on electrical circumstances at the venue. For most guitar brands, replacement parts from third parties to address issues like this have become an industry on their own. However, third-party replacement parts for Rickenbacker guitars are not at all common, partly because Rickenbacker strongly defends their trademarks and designs.

This particular guitar, built in 2012 and in excellent condition, comes with a pair of Joe Barden R300 humbucking pickups, designed to capture as much of the Rickenbacker jangle as possible from a humbucker. The original High Output pickups are in the case though the metal covers are mounted on the guitar (the covers are part of the Rickenbacker design). These pickups are definitely quiet, the twin blades visually suggest the vintage 'toaster top' look, and they do tonally suggest the chime and jangle of a Rick. The original rectangular molded Ric case is included.

Visit the Rickenbacker USA site for more details on the classic Rickenbacker 360!

Visit the Barden Pickups site to learn more about the Barden R300 Humbucking Pickup Set!

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