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2012 Webber Roundbody Steel String Acoustic Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $1599
US Price: US $1273.39
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Class: Used
S/N: 4104012, the 40th guitar built during 2012 at the Webber workshop in North Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Webber Roundbody is built in David Webber's shop in North Vancouver, British Columbia and this example features a cedar top with flame maple back and sides. This pairing couples the warmth of cedar with the brightness and articulation of maple.

David Webber describes the Webber Roundbody: 'The Webber Roundbody is remarkable and versatile instrument. Embraced by fingerstyle players for its musicality of tone, it also has the volume and projection to satisfy both lead and rhythm guitarists. The front profile of the Roundbody is reminiscent of the graceful hourglass shape of the classic, but with greater width and length to maximize volume, presence, and response. This model is available with either a regular or a soft shouldered cutaway, a feature that many players find to be indispensable. The large but well-balanced response adapts exceptionally well to alternate tunings, maintaining good low-end structure for dropped-bass strings and great clarity in the mid-range and upper end. The Webber Roundbody can enhance nearly any style of music.'

This example dates to 2012 and according to the serial number was the 40th Webber guitar built that year. Built with cedar top and maple back and sides, the fingerboard, headplate and bridge are indian rosewood. Tuners are the excellent Gotoh 510 model. This is a very nice guitar and in excellent condition. A black TKL hardshell case is included.

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