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SOLD!!! 2013 C. F. Martin HD-28 1935 Sunburst Steel String Guitar

Price: CDN $2899
US Price: US $2308.67
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 1742225, built during 2013 at the Martin shop in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
Martin D series dreadnoughts are probably the most recognizable guitars in the world. The Martin HD-28 uses Indian Rosewood for the back and sides and has herringbone binding around the top. Herringbone binding was in the original design specification and Martin had a huge stock of it. However, during WW2 replacement stock was not available from the German supplier, and so it disappeared from Martins for decades.

This example is a 2015 Martin HD-28 with the 1935 Sunburst finish top, an optional extra on the HD-28 models. It's in excellent condition and sounds really quite good; it has the distinctive Martin dreadnought tone, a bit fuller in the bottom end and a bit crisper high end than slope-shoulder dreadnoughts like the Gibson J-45. The original hardshell case is included.

Click here to learn more about the Martin HD-28 at the C. F. Martin Guitars website!

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