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2013 Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1650
US Price: US $1314.01
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: EJ13794
Based on his original vintage Stratocasters, the Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster is a great mixture of vintage and modern features. Built to maximize tone transmission, the Eric Johnson Stratocaster features a 1957 V-style 12-inch radius maple neck, thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish, custom wound pickups, an alder body with 1957 style deep contours, and modern staggered tuning gears that don't require string trees on the headstock.

This model doesn't use a rear cover plate for the trem springs, so the holes are not drilled at the factory.

This 2013 example of the Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster carries the translucent White Blonde finish, and is in good condition with ding on the lower body - between the output jack and the strap pin. The damage is strictly visual and doesn't affect the guitar in any functional manner.

The original hardshell case, and all the original case candy, is included.

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