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2013 Gibson Chris Cornelll ES-335 SOLD

Price: CDN $3499
US Price: US $2786.49
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 11423737, built during 2013 at the Gibson Memphis plant.
Here's something rare and unusual - number 227 of 250, a Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335 built during 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Based on the classic ES-335, the Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335 takes a few notable departures from the usual setup. Bigsbys were sometimes factory installed on ES-335 and ES-345 models, but none had a pair of Filter 'Tron type pickups! In this case, the pickups are Jason Lollar 'LollarTron' humbuckers. The control knobs are clear.

The finish is a standard Gibson nitrocellulose lacquer, but in an olive drab; the hardware is nickel plated and in a brushed finish for reduced gloss.

This guitar is in near new condition, with original case and with the original certificates included.

Visit the Gibson Memphis website to learn more about the Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335!

Visit Jason Lollar's website to learn more about the LollarTron Humbucker pickup!

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