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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 2013 Gibson ES-335 1963 Block Reissue, Vintage Burst

Price: CDN $4500
US Price: US $3583.66
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Weight: 7.90 lbs
S/N: A33240, built during 2013 at the Gibson Nashville plant.
The Gibson ES-335 and its dressier siblings, the ES-345 and ES-355, were a hit from the moment they came through the door. Combining classic style and archtop tones with a very practical method of dealing with feedback caused by stage volumes, the Gibson ES-335 perfectly met the needs of many serious players.


In 2013, Gibson Nashville re-issued the 1963 spec ES-335, with block position markers and 'burstbucker' pickups. This example is in excellent condition, with virtually no wear and no damage. This guitar is very comfortable and plays very cleanly, and is just a pleasure to sit (or stand!) with.


The original Gibson hardshell, arched-top case is included.


Normally, we try to put all of our instruments on display. However, this guitar is in such pristine condition that it's stored off the display floor. If you're coming to our shop and are interested in it, please ask any staff member and we'll bring it out for you.


Visit the Gibson website to learn more about the Gibson 1963 ES-335 Block Reissue!

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