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2013 Gibson Les Paul Classic Doublecut Goldtop SOLD

Price: CDN $1750
US Price: US $1393.64
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Class: Used
S/N: 01013654, built April 11, 2003 at Gibson's Nashville plant.
The Gibson Les Paul was first available in doublecut form as the vintage Les Paul Special and Junior, but these were mahogany slab guitars, usually with P-90 pickups. In 2008, Gibson introduced a limited number of carved maple capped Les Paul Doublecut models, but these dropped out of sight fairly quickly.

However, in 2012, the Gibson Les Paul Classic Doublecut appeared as a regular production model, with the traditional carved maple top, a chambered body and simplified electronics. These have been available with AAA-grade flame maple tops and in a goldtop version.

This example, dating to April 11 2013 is a great example of these guitars. It's in good condition with just light scuffing on the back and some finsh checking on the gold top . The chambering takes the weight down to a very comfortable 7.2 pounds, and the double cutaway really opens up access to the higher registers. The electronics are pared down to two BurstBucker Pro pickups, a selector switch, and master volume and tone controls.

The original case is included.

Visit the Gibson Guitars website here to read more about the Gibson Les Paul Classic Doublecut!

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