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SOLD!!! 2013 Ibanez Universe 7 String Premium Guitar

Price: CDN $1550
US Price: US $1234.37
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: B1329D, dates to February 2013 at the Ibanez Indonesia Premium plant.
Steve Vai and Ibanez developed the JEM series of guitars in the mid 1980's and the Ibanez Universe is the 7-string version of the signature model. This groundbreaking model was one of the first 7-string guitars oriented towards rock musicians; previously, the most well known 7-string was the Gretsch George Van Eps model, intended for jazz.

The distinctive body is American Basswood, paired with a 5 piece Maple / Walnut 'Wizard' 7 neck bearing a KTS titanium truss rod and Jumbo frets. The rosewood fingerboard naturally has green dot position markers. For hardware, there is a set of DiMarzio Blaze 7-string H H S pickups with green coils, an Ibanez Edge 7-string bridge with locking nut. The hardware finish is Cosmo Black.

Based on the serial number, where the first letter is the month and the last letter the year (starting with A in 2010) and the middle digits are the production number, this guitar appears to date to February 2013, and was built at the Ibanez Premium factory in Indonesia.

This guitar is in very good condition and plays exceptionally well - it's been the guitar of a Twelfth Fret Repair Shop staff member, and has been set up and maintained to his preferences. An Ibanez Universe nylon hard-shell case is included.

Visit the Ibanez website to learn more about the Ibanez Universe 7 String Premium guitar!

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