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2013 Model Gibson Les Paul Studio (SOLD)

Price: CDN $999
US Price: US $795.57
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Class: Used
S/N: 132020426, dates to November 16 2012 at the Gibson Nashville plant.
The Gibson Les Paul Studio appeared in 1983 as a lower cost, stripped down model. Built much like a Standard or Gary Moore model, the Les Paul Studio doesn't have binding around the body or fingerboard.

As with other Les Paul models, there have been a number of variations in wood choices and finishes. This 2013 model features tradtional construction - Mahogany body with Maple cap and Mahogany for the neck. The fingerboards are Granadillo, an exotic wood with appearance and frequency response similar to Rosewood. As an extra, the body is weight relieved internally.

This particular guitar dates to November 16, 2012 at the Nashville plant. Despite the production date, it's stamped as a 2013 model and carries the 2013 specs - gloss wine red finish and pull-switches on the two volume controls that activate a coil-split.

This guitar is in excellent condition with very little wear, and comes with a hardshell case. I've played more than a few Studios over time, and I think this one may be my favourite. It's got a great neck profile, the weight relief takes it down to a comfortable level, and it's very responsive and snappy.

Visit the Gibson Guitars website to learn more about the Les Paul Studio line!

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