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SOLD!!! 2013 PRS Hollowbody II Guitar Black Gold Burst

Price: CDN $2500
US Price: US $1990.92
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Weight: 5.75 lbs
S/N: 13 203095, built during 2013 at the PRS shop in Stevensville, Maryland.
The PRS Hollowbody line, known as the McCarty hollowbody until 2006, appeared in 1998 and has been very popular. The key difference between the Hollowbody I and II is that the II gets figured maple for the top and back, while the I has a mahogany back.

Here's what PRS has to say about the Hollowbody II:

'With brilliant acoustics and a vast array of tones, the PRS Hollowbody II has been a constant favorite in our dynamic lineup of semi-hollow instruments. The combination of the maple top and back with mahogany sides provides tonal clarity and extraordinary resonance.

The PRS/LR Baggs Piezo System comes standard, providing musicians with the versatility of wielding both acoustic and electric guitar tones in one instrument. There are two output jacks on the Hollowbody II, allowing guitarists to plug into their favorite electric guitar or acoustic guitar amp or DI into a soundboard. By utilizing the separate blend control, the tone of the Hollowbody II’s 58/15 pickups can also be combined with acoustic sounds through a single output.'

This example sports a Black Gold Burst, dates to 2013 and is in very good, original condition with just the slightest wear. Most of what you'd see on this guitar is simple nickel tarnish. There is slight adjustment wear on the bridge posts. The neck pickup trim ring has a pair of extra adjustment screw holes. The original black hardshell case is included. It plays very nicely, and is quite light at 5.75 pounds.

Visit the PRS website to learn more about the Hollowbody II!

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