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2013 Ramirez Fl1a Flamenco Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $2050
US Price: US $1632.56
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
The Ramirez Fl1a Flamenco guitar is one of the standards for concert quality Flamenco instruments. It is traditionally constructed with a spruce top, cypress back and sides and cedar neck with ebony for the fingerboard and bridge.  

This guitar was built at the Ramirez shop in Calle de la Paz, Madrid during 2013. It is in very good condtion and has two modifications performed at The Twelfth Fret Repair Shop. A sound port has been added to the upper bass bout, so the player gets much more of a sense of the guitar's tone without affecting projection. As well, the bridge has been modified for 12 string holes, which greatly improves breakover angle at the saddle and improves tuning stability by reducing string slippage. There is a small finish crack behind the high E holes, likely from a string breaking and striking the top.  

As a traditional, professional grade Flamenco guitar, the scale length is 650mm and the nut width 50mm. Golpeador, tap plates, are installed to the top.  

A black hardshell case is included.

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