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2014 Gibson ES Les Paul Cherry Burst SOLD

Price: CDN $3149
US Price: US $2507.76
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 11784730, built at the Gibson Memphis plant during 2014.
Note! The guitar pictured is sold, but we have the same model available in black for $3149.   Since its first appearance in 1952, there have been a fair number of versions of the Les Paul guitar. The Gibson ES Les Paul from the Gibson Memphis plant is perhaps my favourite. It's got all the style and function of the original Les Paul, but with a hollow body that gives extra resonance while taking away weight.  

The Gibson ES Les Paul was introduced from the Memphis plant in 2014. Unlike the solid mahogany and maple construction of the traditional Les Paul, the ES Les Paul features maple-basswood-maple laminate for the top, and sides, maple for the sides and a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. The body has a partial center block, relieving more weight; the block goes from the tail to the treble pickup. Wiring and hardware are very similar to the traditional Les Paul design and equipment.  

This example is overall in very good condition with very light wear and tarnish on the metal parts. Fretwear is minor, and the finish is in very good condition. The original brown Gibson hardshell case is included.  

Visit the Gibson Guitars website to learn more about the current Gibson ES Les Paul Models!

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