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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 2015 Agostin Custom Classic T Honeyburst

Price: CDN $4999.99
US Price: US $3981.83
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: New
S/N: CL00815, built during 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.
Agostin Custom guitars are hand built in Toronto by Agostino Carella. Agostino was born in Toronto and studied the work of Jean Larrivee, but from the age of 20 lived and worked in the Bari area of Italy until his recent return. Most of Agostin distribution is in Italy.

Basing his instruments on proven designs, Agostin Custom guitars are well built, with top quality woods and components. Finishes are hand-applied nitrocellulose lacquer.

The instrument seen here is an Agostino Custom Classic T with a honeyburst finish on the top and a dark back. The light weight body features a flamed maple top on a swamp ash back, and the neck is highly figured maple with a flamed maple fingerboard, two carbon fibre reinforcements and a two-way truss rod. The fingerboard has a 10 inch radius and medium Stainless Steel frets. The pickups are custom built to 'Broadcaster' specifications, reproducing the sound of very early Fender instruments. 4- way switching allows a humbucking mode. The vintage style tuners and bridge are by Gotoh. Finally, the cover plates are rosewood.

This is an excellent instrument - well made, visually striking, very comfortable to play, and with a great sound.

Visit the Agostin Guitars website to learn more about Agostin guitars!

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