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2015 Alhambra Luthier Aniversario Altiplano Classical Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $4150
US Price: US $3304.93
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 1476, built during 2015 at the Alhambra shop in Muro de Alco, Alicane, Spain.
The Alhambra Luthier Aniversario has a cedar and spectactular Ziricote back, sides, bridge and headplate. This concert classical is at the top of the Alhambra line. Scale length is 650mm and the nut width is 52mm.

The Alhambra Luthier Aniversario line was introduced in 2015 for Alhambra's 50th anniversary. This example is in excellent condition with just a few shirt button scuffs on the gloss back. A black molded Cibeles case is included.

Visit the Alhambra Guitars website to learn more about the Alhambra Luthier Aniversario models and more video demos!

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