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2015 Fender American Vintage ’64 Jazz Bass (SOLD)

Price: CDN $2099
US Price: US $1671.58
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Class: Used
S/N: V1427621, built during 2015 at the Fender plant in Corona, California.
Leo Fender introduced the Jazz Bass in 1960 to extend the appeal of Fender's ground-breaking bass designs to jazz upright bass players. The Fender Jazz Bass featured two single coil pickups that gave a brighter, more focused tone and a slimmer neck than the Precision Bass. The clarity and definition of the Jazz Bass has made it a favourite with many innovative bassists.

Seen here is a 2015 Fender American Vintage series '64 Jazz Bass with three-colour sunburst, rosewood fingerboard and clay dot position markers.

This jazz bass is in excellent condition with only the slightest of play wear. Currently strung with flatwound strings, it is complete and, unusually, the pickup and bridge covers are still installed! Most players remove these fairly quickly, to allow for faster string changes and to open up playing areas.

The original creme G&G vintage style case is included, and it contains the original case candy and information kits.

Visit the Fender website to learn more about the Fender American Vintage '64 Jazz Bass here!

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