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SOLD!!! Gretsch Black Falcon Players Edition Archtop Guitar

Price: CDN $3000
US Price: US $2389.11
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: JT15113587, built during November 2015 at the Terada plant in Japan.
Along with the expected Falcon bling and gold plating and binding, the Gretsch Black Falcon Players Edition has all the extra features to bring archtop electric guitars on to the modern stage. First, the body uses the ML bracing system, providing significant feedback resistance, sustain, note separation and clarity without adding a lot of weight. It also has locking Grover Imperial tuners, a Bigsby with string-through mounting and a pinned bridge, making it much easier and faster to change strings and keep in tune. Finally, it has Filter 'Tron pickups and no-load tone pots. The actual model designation of the Gretsch Black Falcon Player's Edition is G6136T-BLK.

This example dates to 2013 and is physically and electrically in great original condition. Built at the Japan Terada plant during November 2015, it plays very nicely. The finish is in great condition and as you may note, is quite reflective. You may also note a white dot on the back, near the treble waist - this is a reflection of the flash on a tiny imperfection. Overall, this is a wonderful guitar.

The original hardshell case is included.

Visit the Gretsch Guitars website to learn more about the Gretsch Black Falcon Player's Edition here!

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