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SOLD!!! Taylor 522e 12-Fret Mahogany Steel String Guitar

Price: CDN $2300
US Price: US $1831.65
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Class: Used
S/N: 1106195057, dates to June 19 2015 and the Taylor plant in El Cajon, California.
Here is a lovely solid mahogany Taylor 522e 12-fret guitar with slotted peghead. Using a traditional design and the Taylor Grand Concert body shape, the 522e is an excellent guitar for fingerstyle playing. The 12-fret neck and 24 7/8 inch scale length combine to shorten the reach to the low frets and add to a 'slinky' feel. The 12-fret neck also moves the bridge closer to the vibrating center of the top, increasing the power - volume and projection - from the guitar. The slotted peghead slightly increases the downbearing angle from the nut, and in turn this increases sustain and separation on open strings. The body and neck are mahogany, with an ebony headplate, fingerboard and bridge.

This Taylor 522e dates to June 19, 2015 and is in ecellent condition with little wear. It has the standard Taylor Expression System pickup setup, and comes with the original case.

Visit the Taylor Guitars website to learn more about the Taylor 522e 12-Fret!

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