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2015 Taylor 612 Steel String Acoustic Guitar (SOLD)

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US Price: US $1911.28
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Class: Used
S/N: 1104095095
This is a bit different - a nearly new, 2015 Taylor 612 14-fret non-cutaway, non-electric guitar. Taylor Guitars have recently revoiced many of their instruments, as Andy Powers takes over design roles from Bob Taylor. The new voicing offers a richer, warmer complexity with more top end chime.

This near mint 2015 Taylor 612 shows off the new voicings very well. The tone is genuinely rich, warm and complex with a delicate top end that helps with the guitar's clear articulation. This is a very, very nice guitar to sit and play.

The top is made from torrefied Sitka spruce - it's essentially been baked to simulate the effects of aging, bringing forth the played-in tone that used to be available only on vintage guitars. Torreficiation gets you the played-in tone without the attendant years of wear and tear.

The sides and back are curly maple with a lovely 'brown sugar' stain. The new finish is quite a bit thinner, allowing better resonance.

This guitar is in excellent condition, and comes with the original hardshell case.

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