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SOLD!!! 2016 Ernie Ball Music Man Reflex Sunburst Electric Guitar

Price: CDN $2200
US Price: US $1752.01
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: New
S/N: This is G73214, built during early 2016 by Ernie Ball Music Man at St. Luis Opisbo, California.
The Ernie Ball Music Man Reflex was introduced in 2011 and has recently received wiring upgrades. This discontinued example predates those upgrades, so we can offer it at a significant discount!

This Music Man Reflex is in new condition with the original case and all applicable warranties. It is a hard-tail version with a pair of humbucking pickups sunburst finish. The body is alder with a maple top, and a nicely figured maple neck. The frets are typically fairly high, providing tons of traction for bending and the oiled neck finish feels great. This is a pretty hot guitar to play!

Click here for the Ernie Ball Music Man web pages on the current Reflex 'The Game Changer' models!

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