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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 2016 Nuno Cristo Ukulele

Price: CDN $600
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Class: New
S/N: 3, built during 2016 at Nuno Cristo's shop in Toronto.
Toronto is a fascinating mixture of many diverse cultures, and this ukulele by Nuno Cristo is an example of what's made and found here.  

Nuno Cristo was born in Lisbon, Portugal - a wonderful, beautiful city of seven hills on the river Tagus that is somehow overlooked as a natural cardio exercise destination. He apprenticed to the famous Grácio family for constructing stringed instruments, studied music and ethnology and played portuguese bagpipes on tours. In 1985, he moved to Toronto and continued studying instrument construction.  

Now, Cristo participates in the Toronto Fado scene, playing the Portuguese guitar, teaches, and builds mostly Portuguese style instruments.  

This ukulele was built by Nuno Cristo during 2016 at his shop in Toronto. It features a mahogany body, oak neck. and black walnut fingerboard. The finish is french polish - hand applied lacquer and caranuba wax; this technique is in favour with many fine builders because it provides protection while imposing the lightest restriction on vibration. As well, it doesn't require a lot of equipment or large amounts of flammable, toxic liquids. Standard guitar-style tuners are used, and the nut and saddle are cow bone.  

The ukulele design has strong Portuguese roots - it is likely a descendant of the Cavaquinho, a small body, four string instrument whose popularity is increased by its portability. Also known as the Machete, the Cavaquinho was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants.  

Visit Nuno Cristo's website and learn more about his instruments and music!

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