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SOLD!!! 2016 Ramirez 130 Anos Shopworn Classical Guitar

Price: CDN $2450
US Price: US $1951.10
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: New
S/N: 1683, Built in Madrid, Spain during 2016.
On offer is a new but shopworn 2016 Ramirez 130 Años, serial 1683 at a special price of $2449 Canadian dollars (approx. $1850 USD) with Everest hardshell case.

This Ramirez 130 Anos is a new guitar with full warranty. Unfortunately, a customer dinged the lower side bout while in our shop. We have effected an excellent touch up and buffed out the damage and it is 'nearly invisible' so we are offering this guitar at a significant discount.

As is standard with all of our classical guitars, a full setup is included. Please advise us on your right hand attack, level of playing, Free-Stroke vs Rest-Stroke and action expectations and we will setup accordingly.

Visit the Guitarras Ramirez website to learn more about the Ramirez 130 Anos classical guitar!

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