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SOLD!!! 2017 C. F. Martin 00-14F Cutaway Custom Shop Guitar

Price: CDN $4729
US Price: US $3766.03
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: New
S/N: Serial 1972142 built 2017 custom ordered by Grant MacNeill and built at the Martin Custom Shop in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
During my recent Martin factory tour I was offered my choice of 14 select pre-built Martin Custom Shop guitars. I chose two unique one-of-a-kind guitars that really took my fancy.

These guitars are creations of the 3 Master Luthiers in the Custom Shop, specifically put together for for our dealer-Facotry-Custom-Shop-Tour. They refect their personal favourite woods and bracing patterns - personal favourites based on their vast experience at Martin Guitars.

I knew that I could not possibly go wrong choosing any of the guitars offered. That said, two made an immediate impression and now that I have them here at the shop, I remain very pleased with my choices.

Martin 0014F, Custom Build #273884

This feather light mahogany 00 has the acoustic responsiveness of an early 50s 00-18 but fitted with a contemporary Performing Artist neck profile with 1 ¾ inch nut. So the neck will have a much broader appeal than the historic V necks normally associated with these 'authentic' style guitars

The premium-grade Sitka top is Martin Custom Shop VTS Spruce (Vintage Tone System); very light ¼ inch scallop-braced to insure full bass and responsive, clear trebles. The top is finished in an ultra thin 'Toasted burst' finish that reminds me of many 60 year old faded sunburst finishes I’ve seen.

I feel the genuine Honduras mahogany vibrate against my body as I play. It feels like a purring cat in your lap (but without the claws). And the 00 size body suits my 5 foot 8 inch stature to a T -- very comfortable to sit with.

The guitar offers a nicely balanced response for fingerstyle from light through heavy right handed attack, but unsually I don’t find I overpower the top when I play with an aggressive, hard flat picking right hand attack. It retains a nicely balanced and clear tone at higher volumes. This guitar would really shine in a recording studio environment.

Here is a link to the actual Build Quote which makes for a very interesting read!

Price $4729 Canadian with case

Note: Custom Shop guitars now come with a lovely little handbook with explansive detail on care and maintenance plus a second for service records and special performance records.

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