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C. F. Martin D-18 Sycamore SOLD

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Class: New
S/N: 1837998, 38 of 50
Celebrating 50 years of production at their Sycamore Street plant in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the Martin D-18 Sycamore is a special guitar. Based on the very well proven D-18 dreadnought design, the Martin D-18 Sycamore swaps in solid sycamore for the back and sides, and a torrefied sitka spruce top.

Martin has produced a run of 50 D-18 Sycamore guitars. This is number 38.

Torrification is a newer process - for guitars, at least, it's been used for centuries for violins - that involves bakin wood, and its goal is to provide a sound like a played in vintage guitar. This process has been mostly used on higher end instruments, and results are promising.

Sycamore is highly reflective, and in the D-18 provides a rich, full and bright tone with a bass response not quite as bright as maple guitars, mahogany-flavoured mids and well defined trebles and high harmonics.

Visit the C. F. Martin website and read more about the Martin D-18 Sycamore here

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