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Cervantes Classical Guitars are back!

Class: New
S/N: Varies as New
We are very happy to be receiving Cervantes classical and flamenco guitars again! In stock now we have a Cervantes Fleta Concert with rosewood back and sides, and a Cervantes Rodriguez PE in Palo Escrito. Both have cedar tops.

These guitars, from two ranges in the Cervantes line, demonstrate the quality of Alejandro Cervantes' work. They are well made, well finished, are good examples of the styles they are built in, play well and sound good.

While they adhere closely to the traditional designs, there are subtle but meaningful modern features, such as larger, higher and harder fretwire than is usually found on classical or flamenco guitars. This has a simple practical effect - the frets will last longer - but the added mass at the end of the string helps add clarity to the tone and sustain to the note, while requiring less effort from the player.

Another modern feature, visually almost invisible but sonically noticeable, is the installation of compensated nuts and saddles, which brings more notes on the fingerboard closer into tune.

It's good to see Cervantes instruments again and we look forward to more of them.

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