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Duesenberg 49er Outlaw (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Price: CDN $2850
US Price: US $2269.65
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: New
S/N: Varies as New. Shown here is 150661. built in Hanover, Germany.
The Duesenberg 49er is a solidbody, dual pickup, 22 fret electric guitar, featuring a solid arched top, a string-through-body tailpiece and a 647mm scale.

Following traditional tone and resonance principles, mahogany and maple are Duesenberg's choice woods for the 49er. The one-piece neck and body is made from premium mahogany, while the solid top is crafted from naturally grained maple.

The 49er was designed with traditional rock values in mind, however, and you still get the modern features Duesenbergs are known for. The 49er is equipped with Duesenberg's proven pickup combination of a classicly wound Grand Vintage humbucker and a creamy Domino P90 singlecoil. In the middle position of the heavy duty 3-way switch, certain low end frequencies are filtered out of the humbucker signal, allowing for a distinct and actually usable middle position tone. And it wil set you apart from all others.

All Duesenber instruments are fitted with our own hardware, which you will only find on a Duesenberg. The hardware is designed with attention to even the smallest details to create truly unique instruments from tuner buttons to jack plates.

All Duesenberg fretboards are carefully pleked and finished by hand for optimum playability and the smooth feel they are famous for. A unique feature of the 49er is the adjustable STB system, whereby the guitar strings are drawn through the body for optimal transfer of vibration. Furthermore, pressure at the bridge can be fine-tuned according to preference for each individual string.

The 49er is available in a variety of colours, as well as the tolex covered Outlaw Edition and a lefthanded version.

The 49er is a proven classic in the Duesenberg lineup and has had a ton of stage appearences so far.

Visit the Duesenberg website and read more about the Duesenberg 49er Outlaw here!

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