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Fender David Lozeau Art Stratocaster Special Edition (SOLD)

Price: CDN $875
US Price: US $696.82
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: New
S/N: Varies as new
We've just received a pair of Fender David Lozeau Art Special Edition Stratocasters! While at the Namm Show, we saw David Lozeau painting guitars and we had to order a few. Today, the Maple and Rosewood fingerboard versions arrived.

David Lozeau's art features Day of the Dead images, themes and iconography and blends it with humour and quirkiness. It is visually outstanding. Visit the link below to learn more about David Lozeau and his art.

These visually stunning guitars are based on the standard, proven and great value Stratocaster built in Mexico. They are in every sense a Fender Strat, with factory custom paint. A gig bag is included.

Visit the Fender site and read more about the Fender David Lozeau Art Special Edition Stratocaster here!

Read more about David Lozeau's art here!

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