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1971 Fender Mustang Bass (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1799.99
US Price: US $1433.46
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Class: Vintage
The Fender Mustang Bass was introduced in 1966 as a student bass to go with the Fender Mustang, MusicMaster and Duo-Sonic. It was the last bass Leo Fender designed under the Fender name.

Featuring a 30-inch short scale neck (very short in comparison to the 34-inch Precision Bass), and light weight, the Mustang Bass proved popular not just with students, but also with female players and people with smaller hands.

This 1971 Fender Mustang Bass features an ash body, rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck, a single split-coil pickup (so it is humbucking, like the Precision Bass pickup) and a sunburst finish.

In overall good condition, there are a few small finish chips and light to moderate fret wear. A gig bag is included.

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