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Fryette Memphis 30 Combo Amplifier (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1100
US Price: US $876.01
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Class: Used
S/N: M30CD1000067
The Fryette Memphis 30 combo amp appeared in 2009, the first new design under the Fryette name. Previously, Steven Fryette worked for Valley Arts servicing amps for top rank touring guitarists, and built the VHT line.  

The Fryette Memphis won rave reviews for its versatitlity and reliability, providing a wide range of tones in a very sturdy, tour-resistant package. Switchable to 18 watts, it is practical for smaller spaces and quieter stages and studios.  

This amplifier is in great, all original condition, and was recently checked and serviced by John Fletcher. The original cover and footswitch are included.  

We're dating this amp to April 2010, based on its serial number; on other Fryette designs, the last four digits are the production number, the two before that are the year, and the letter before that is the month. The M30C prefix for the serial number is the model (Memphis 30 Combo).  

Visit the Fryette website for more details on the Fryette Memphis 30 combo amp!

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