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Gold Tone PBS-8 Paul Beard Special 8-String Squareneck SOLD

Price: CDN $599
US Price: US $477.02
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Here's a great way to get into steel guitar - a Gold Tone PBS-8 Paul Beard Special 8-String squareneck, at a great price!

This Gold Tone PBS-8 was built a few years ago is in great condition and comes with case. These guitars are well made, sound good, and at a price of $599 Canadian it's hard to beat this.

Gold Tone's popular resonator guitar is now available in an 8-string configuration. Designed by Paul Beard with his renowned cone and spider at its core, the Gold Tone PBS-8 is a great instrument for steel players and for 6-string resonator players wishing to expand their arsenal. Assembled in the USA, this model features a bolt-on neck, which ensures lifetime playability as the neck angle may be easily changed as necessary.

The PBS-8 is setup at the Gold Tone factory with the tuning: EGBDEGBD.

Visit the Gold Tone website and learn more about the Gold Tone PBS-8 Paul Beard Special 8-String!

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