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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Late 1980s Tom Holmes THC Prototype Guitar and Bass

Price: CDN $7793
US Price: US $6206.10
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: N/A, sold as a pair.
Tom Holmes THC guitars are not common, and have been mostly found in the hands of players like Billy Gibbons, Lenny Breau, Bo Diddley, and other major artists.

Best known - for a builder who is so unknown - for his hand-built pickups, Holmes guitars are very well made and finished.

Here we have a pair of prototype Tom Holmes THC instruments from the late 1980s, being sold as a pair; they are the THC Cadillac guitar and the THC BoDiddley bass. They are in original, very good condition, with the original cases. One or two other sets of these are known to be in existence, one likely owned by Mr. Gibbons.

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