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Thomas Fredholm Classical Brazilian Rosewood (SOLD)

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Thomas Fredholm builds guitars from his shop in Gotheburg, Sweden. Originally he focused on steel string guitars, but has discovered the subtleties and challenge of the classical guitar.

This Thomas Fredholm classical guitar is in good playing condition. It's difficult to date it - the inside of the top is signed (at the extreme upper treble bout) and has some numbers (on the extreme upper bass bout) but some of the numbers are under the linings.

Built using Brazilian Rosewood for the back, sides and bridge, cedar for the top, with mahogany for the neck and ebony for the fingerboard and snakewood for binding ahd headplate, this guitar features the Humphrey style of construction. This involves raising the fingerboard to reduce tension on the box while retaining tone, volume and projection. The braces are laminated with ebony or carbon fibre for light weight and stiffness.

The finish is French Polish, which is the least tonally restrictive method of finishing, though it does not offer much of a gloss or a lot of physical protection. There are a fair number of play marks on the top. The scale length is 650mm with a 52mm nut, and Sloan tuners are fitted.

This guitar plays very well and sounds very good. It's full, rich yet bright, very responsive and articulate. A Hiscox case is included.

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