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Wildwood Heirloom Traditional Open Back Banjo SOLD

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The Wildwood Heirloom traditional open-back banjo was born of Wildwood's personal interest in old time music. Not that long ago, it was hard to find an open back frailing banjo that wasn't an expensive, vintage piece. Wildwood took up the challenge and has been building this type of instrument for years now.

The Wildwood Heirloom open-back banjo features a laminated block rim and bracket band construction built with hard rock maple and a tubaphone type tone ring. The neck is also figured maple with 26.25 inch scale length ebony fingerboard. The inlays are hand cut mother of pearl.

This example was built around 2012 and is in excellent condition, and has been recently set up by Grant MacNeill. The original hardshell case is included.

Visit the Wildwood website to learn more about the Wildwood Heirloom traditional banjo here!

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