1899 Lyon – Healy Mystic Banjo (consignment) SOLD

Comments Here is a lovely 1899 Lyon – Healy Mystic Banjo, in fully playable condition. This instrument features a 30-hook pot, a mahogany neck with carved heel and ebony fingerboard, and lots of mother of pearl inlay.

The Lyon and Healy firm grew out of an effort by Oliver Ditson – beginning in 1864 – to expand his wholesale musical instrument business into the US Midwest, with a facility in Chicago run by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick J. Healy.

However, by 1880, Lyon and Healy broke away from Ditson; there weren’t enough instruments available from the East (including from C F Martin) and so they set up manufacturing on their own. Lyon and Healy also launched the Washburn brand, using George Lyon’s middle name. Manufacturing ceased during the Depression.

This Mystic banjo is in excellent playing condition. It’s had some service and updates, with the addition of modern tuning pegs and a reissue no-knot tailpiece. The carved heel and inlays help make this a very attractive instrument.

Serial Number N/A, built around 1899 by Lyon and Healy in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Pricing $1,490.00 CND with non-original gig bag. SOLD
Neck Mahogany 5-string neck, with carved heel. Unbound ebony fingerboard and ebony headplate, mother of pearl decoration on headdplate and for position markers.
Frets No significant wear on frets.
Body Original 30 hook spun over brass pot.
Finish Nickel plated metal parts, natural finish with cherry stain on mahogany neck.
Hardware/electronics Modern Schaller tuners installed, new style bridge, new reissue no-knot tailpiece, otherwise original 30-hook pot and neck. Remo Fiberskin head,
Playability/Action Plays well at a standard action.
Case Profile gig bag included.

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