1925 Weymann Banjo 5 String Conversion (consignment) SOLD

Weymann banjos are fairly rare and have some unusual features, one of which is most noticeable with the resonator removed.

The Weymann company began producing banjos around the turn of the 20th century, and often used the ‘Keystone’ name. In 1924, tenor and plectrum models appeared, and these are the best known Weymann Banjo models.

There are several things of note about this Weymann Banjo model. There is a unique tension hook mounting system. By drilling pathways for the tension hooks through the rim you get a much cleaner outside appearance of the rim, without the clutter of 22 hooks and shoes mounted on the outside.

The neck angle adjuster is an amazing invention. If this had caught on in the banjo world, the life of luthiers and banjo setup technicians would be much improved.

The patented tuner and tuner mounting bushing system in the peghead is really not found anywhere else.

Unusually, the resonator is pressed on, rather than bolted on as is the case for most modern resonator banjos, so it is easy to remove or install ‘on the fly’.

This example from 1925 is a 5-string conversion of what was most likely a tenor model. The pot and neck are maple, with a very nicely flamed resonator.

The fingerboard is ebony with an inlay pattern somewhat less elaborate than the headstock’s.

This fine vintage instrument is in good playing and physical condition.

Serial Number: 36758  2.   This dates the pot to around 1925, but the 5-string neck is a later (1980s) conversion.   The Weymann shop was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Pricing: $1,950.00 Canadaian dollars, case not included.

Status: SOLD