1955 Gibson J-45 (SOLD)

One of the iconic American guitars, the Gibson J-45 has been popular since its introduction in 1942 because of its balance of warmth, brightness and articulation. The slope-shoulder dreadnought design uses a spruce top, mahogany for the back, sides and neck, and rosewood for the fingerboard and bridge. The head has a black finish, with a Gibson logo painted on; originally, from 1952 to 1945, there was also a banner reading ‘Only a Gibson is Good Enough’.

It’s always had a sunburst finish, and originally for a very practical reason: during World War II, visually high-quality woods were not available, and the sunburst does a great job at hiding visual inconsistencies.

This 1955 Gibson J-45 has clearly been played, and has had some work done over the years; the original strip-mount Kluson Deluxe tuners have been replaced with Grover Roto-Matic models and a Fishman pickup with endpin jack has been added, and at some point the bridge was replaced with a fixed-saddle design.

As well, the key service that any guitar of a certain age will need – a neck reset and refret – has been done, in our shop.

There is a fair amount of honest play wear on the top, and to the finish around the guitar. A crack on the back was repaired long ago.

This well-used instrument has the characteristic enveloping warmth of the slope shoulder J-45, balanced with clear, clean highs. The recent service to the neck joint and frets makes it very clean and easy to play, and should extend its life for many more years.

Serial Number: This instrument has no serial number; instead it has a FON (Factory Order Number), W3521-31. The W prefix indicates 1955 production, at Gibson’s historic plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Pricing: $2,999.00 Canadian dollars or $2,342.00 US dollars (based on 1.28% exchange rate).
NOTE: Exchange rates change daily. 

Sold with arched hardshell case (newer, and brown).

Status: SOLD