1955 Tweed Fender Deluxe Amplifier SOLD

And here is a 1955 Tweed Fender Deluxe Amplifier!

Leo Fender built these amplifiers based on the 5E3 push-pull circuit. and they have become a basic reference standard for guitar amplifier design. Many ’boutique’ and small-builder amplifiers are based closely on these 1950’s Fender amps. In fact, early Marshall amplifiers closely follow the Fender Tweed Bassman 5F6-A circuit.

For amplifier builders at that time, the goal was to produce a very clean sound – clean but loud. The ‘better’ professional grade amps stayed clean as you turn the amp up to the necessary level – but the Deluxe doesn’t really do that, so because of its it was grouped with ‘beginner’ amps.

On the other hand, its tendency to break up and distort warmly as the amp’s volume increases turns out to be, tonally speaking, highly desirable to modern guitarists.

Another unexpected benefit comes from the ‘beginner’ level of the amp design – its relatively low output (compared to, say, a Marshall or Hiwatt 50 or 100 watt stack or a Fender Twin Reverb). This lower output means that it’s a lot easier to record the amp. You can turn it up in a normal room! And sure enough, these tweed amps show up on a lot of recorded music.

This amp produces about 15 watts and uses a 12″ 1955 Jensen Alnico 5 speaker. It’s in good working order and good condition.

Serial Number: 4164, built during 1955 in Fullerton, California.

Pricing: $2,350 CAD. SOLD

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