1956 Fender Telecaster (consignment) SOLD

Introduced in 1950 as the Broadcaster, Leo Fender’s initial design has more than stood the test of time.    The Fender Telecaster has been produced without interruption since then, and has been one of the most copied designs.

This 1956 Fender Telecaster blonde is in very good condition, with expected play wear.   The blonde finish is still quite ‘creamy’ towards the center, with the edges fading to white.  There is some finger wear through the finish between the bridge and control plates, and normal light marking around the edges.  These lacquer finishes are considerably thinner than the heavy polyester finishes that appeared from the late 1960’s, so they do tend to wear and check.

At this time, the guitars still had a large degree of hand shaping – no CNC machines then! – and the edges on this instrument are a bit ‘squarer’ than current models.   The body is made of ash.

The neck has a V profile, and the end-of-heel date reads XA 1-56 indicating work by Xavier Armenta in January 1956.   The electronics are entirely correct, and tape in control pocket reads ‘Gloria 1-31-56’.

This excellent instrument comes with its original case.

Serial Number:  10922, built during early 1956 at Leo Fender’s plant in Fullerton, California.

Pricing:  $21,000.00 Canadian with original case.