1956 Gibson ES-225T (consignment) SOLD

Built from 1955 to 1959, the Gibson ES-225T was a thinline but fully hollow, single P-90 pickup, florentine cutaway guitar. In 1956, a two pickup version was introduced, the ES-225TD. All of these guitars featured, until 1959, the combination bridge / trapeze tailpiece found on the 1952 and 1953 Les Paul gold top, and on the ES-295. Just before this model was discontinued in 1959, some models shipped with a conventional trapeze tailpiece and a floating tune-o-matic brige. Most of the production was finished in sunburst; some models with an N at the end of the model number had a natural finish.

This 1956 Gibson ES-225T is a good example of the single-pickup version. Its parts are all original, and there is a stable, old repair to the heel. The frets are original and there is significant, but expected, wear in the lower positions especially under the top strings. The fingerboard also has some wear.

For hardware, the original Kluson Deluxe tuners with creme plastic buttons are still in place and working; the single P-90 pickup in the middle position feeds to a single volume and tone control with the output jack on the side. The original 5-layer pickguard is included; it has curled slightly.

Overall this guitar is in good structural and playing condition. The guitar has been well used, so there is finish wear in some areas – especially the back of the neck – and a few dings and scratches. As is natural for vintage lacquer finishes, there is a fair amount of lacquer checking.

Serial Number: V 4037 1.   The letter code V indicates 1956 production year, and this instrument was built at Gibson’s historic plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Pricing: $1,750.00 Canadian, with a newer arched top hardshell case.   Originally, this model would have shipped with a fibre (i.e. cardboard, faux alligator) case.