1958 Gibson J-45 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

The Gibson J-45 slope shoulder dreadnought guitar was introduced in 1942, and it has been in production ever since, with minor variations. All J-45s (and the slightly upmarket cousins, the J-50s) are built with spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. The bridge has varied from rosewood to plastic, holding a plastic or bone fixed saddle or a ceramic or rosewood adjustable saddle. Originally, the J-45 came only with a sunburst top as this allowed Gibson to use the less-visually appealing spruce wood sets available once the US entered World War 2. Tuning gears have generally been based on the Kluson Deluxe design, though recent production has shifted to use Grover Roto-Matic type gears.

The immensely successful slope-shoulder dreadnought design of the Gibson J-45 produces a distinctively warm, full tone with sparkling highs and rich midrange tones, and a well represented but not booming bottom end. It’s also fairly loud, but not overwhelmingly so.

This rich, warm fullness makes it ideal for use accompanying a voice – it’s very popular with singer-songwriters and many powerful hit tunes feature just voice and J-45.

This 1958 Gibson J-45 plays quite well and has a wonderful tone, and is in original condition with a few long-ago repairs. Being from 1958, it has a slightly larger neck profile. The finish is in good shape with light to moderate natural lacquer checking and some wear on the top and back. The long-ago repair is to a typical crack between the pickguard and fingerboard; this was glued and reinforced and is quite solid. There is moderate fret wear in the low positions, with some wear on the fingerboard.

Serial Number: Stamped on the neck block is T 5360 33. This is a FON, or Factory Order Number, used by Gibson between 1947 and 1961. The T indicates 1958 production, batch 5360, and count number 33. There is no label, and J-45 ADJ. BRIDGE is ink-stamped on the back center strip. Built at Gibson’s historic plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Pricing: $4,500.00 with non-original hardshell case. SOLD

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