Gibson ES-345 1959 (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number:… A32259 circa 1959
Description:… The late 50’s were a pivotal point in the evolution of Gibson guitars. Their innovative
thinline electric design with a solid wood block inside the hollow body gave players the sustain of a
solid body and the looks and feel of a hollowbody. The ES 345 added the concept of a stereo guitar
with a Vari-Tone circuit which provided six different preset tones. This beautiful first year ES-345 has
had a few minor modifications and a bit of general play ware. When you pick up a guitar like this you
can almost feel the history and incredible musical vibes running through your hands!
Neck:… Mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, 1 11/16′ nut width, 24 3/4″ scale length, medium
elliptical neck profile, split parallelogram inlays.
Frets:… Minor ware.
Body:… 16″ bound laminate body with f holes.
Finish:… Tobacco sun burst with lot of lacquer checking, small scratches and dents.
Hardware/electronics:… Varitone circuit with chicken head knob, Grover tuners added, double whites
PAF humbuckers, converted to mono (original choke in the case, easily converted back to stereo),
Grover tuners added.
Playability/Action:… Good playability with current action at 5/64″ bass and treble sides.
Case:… Period brown Gibson hardshell
Pricing:… $15,900.00 Canadian Dollars (approx.$15,436.US$ as of Nov.2/2010)SOLD