1963 Gibson J-50 Natural (consignment) SOLD

By the time World War 2 started, the steel string guitar had pretty much taken over from banjos as popular instruments. In 1942, Gibson introduced the J-45 (which is still in production), a slope-shouldered dreadnought with big tone. The J-45 carried a sunburst finish, which is important for ‘decorating’ less visually attractive sets of wood, such as was often all that was available during wartime.

By 1947, these wartime restrictions had eased and the Gibson J-50 Natural was introduced. This is essentially the same design as the J-45, with a spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck and rosewood fingerboard, but with a natural finish top and some minor decorative changes.

This 1963 Gibson J-50 Natural is in quite good original playing order, with lots of saddle height. It plays well and sounds great – it has been played over the years and you can tell from the tone. The highs are bright and sparkly yet warm without harshness, while the mids and bass are fully represented and not overpowering.

There is a bit of expected play wear on the top, and the back finish has a small amount of buckle rash. It has had a top crack repair along the pickguard line – pickguards tend to shrink at different rates than wood, and if they are glued directly to the top (rather than to the finish) cracks are very common. There are many vintage Martins showing this effect. The original plastic bridge with adjustable ceramic saddle is still in place, and the plastic buttons on the Kluson style Deluxe are not worn.

Serial Number: 85281, built during 1963 at Gibson’s historic plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Pricing: $4,200.00 with non-original hardshell case.

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