1965 Vox AC10 2×10 Combo Amplifier (consignment) SOLD

Here’s an all original 1965 Vox AC10 2×10 Combo Amplifier.

Vox was the pre-eminent musical instrument amplifier manufacturer in the UK and much of Europe in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, and produced most of the amps used by the most popular bands at the time. If you’ve heard an early 1960’s pop or rock record from the UK – you’ve heard Vox amplifiers.

Vox changed ownership several times and its history is an interesting tale. You can read a history of the Vox company and the AC line of amplfiers here. Currently, the Vox name is owned by Korg, and they are producing some of the best models made since these original versions. Vox amps are defintely worth checking out!

The AC models were the most successful amplifier line produced by Vox, or Jennings Musical Instruments. These ranged from the AC4, AC10, AC15, AC30, AC50 and AC100.

The Vox AC10 was produced in two versions – with one or two 10 inch Vox branded ELAC speakers. The example shown here is the 2×10 inch combo model. It’s in all original, good working order.

Serial Number: 03053, built during 1965 by Vox in England.

Pricing: $2,250.00 CND SOLD

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