1966 Fender Jazz Bass (consignment) SOLD

Comments Here’s a hardworking 1966 Fender Jazz Bass.

Introduced in 1960, Leo Fender’s Jazz Bass tends to have a tighter, more focused tone that doesn’t emphasize the fundamental frequencies as much as the Precision bass does. This helps it to move ‘forward’ in an audio mix, making it more popular in emerging musical styles where there was more emphasis on the bass – for example, rock power trios and funk bands.

This example is in good playing condition, though it has been refinished (as is the case with many instruments from the 1960’s). It was refretted at some point and there’s lots of life left.

Serial Number 175635, neck and pickups date to 1966, built in Fullerton, California.
Pricing $2500 CAD including non-original case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with bound rosewood fingerboard, faux mother of pearl block inlays. 34 inch scale length. Fender logo has been replaced with a spaghetti style; on many instrumentsw of this age, the original logo decals deteriorated badly.
Frets Some wear on replacement frets. Fingerboard is in good condition.
Body Alder offset body
Finish The body has been stripped to natural and refinished as natural. The neck’s finish is original and in reasonable condition.
Hardware/electronics Original pickups dated to 1966, pots date to 1967. The tuners are ‘transition’ type and would otherwise be found on the Mustang bass. Original bridge and pickup covers included. Faux Tortoise pickguard.
Playability/Action The Jazz Bass has always been one of the more ‘playable’ full size bass instruments with its narrow neck. This example plays well at a normal setup.
Case Non-original hardshell case, with broken handle.

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