1967-1969 Goya Rangemaster 12 string Electric SOLD

Comments Here’s a 1967-1969 Goya Rangemaster 12 string electric!

Starting around 1954, Goya guitars were originally made in Sweden for the Herschman Musical Instrument company of New York, by the Levin company, who had been building instruments since around 1900. However, in 1966, the name was purchased by Avenet and production moved to Italy.

Goya electrics were known for innovative designs, with sparkle tops and pushbutton pickup selectors being common features.

This is a good condition, and unusual, example of a Goya Rangemaster 12. Very cool!

Serial Number N3025, built between 1967 and 1969 in Italy.
Pricing $825.00 CAD with gig bag. SOLD
Neck Two-piece Curly maple neck with possibly walnut center strip.
Frets Original frets in good condition.
Body Fully hollow double venetian cutaway body, of mahogany laminate. The back and top are braced. Bound F-holes towards the lower bout.
Finish Original gloss sunburst finish in good condition, with some natural, grain-oriented checking on top and back. There are a couple of dings on the side near the bass F-hole.
Hardware/electronics Original hardware, chrome Goya harp tailpiece, Van Ghent tuners, split pickups with pushbutton selectors, adjustable bridge. Volume control, Low-Med-Hi tone switch.
Playability/Action Plays well and cleanly.
Case Gig bag included.

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