1967 Ramirez 2a Flamenco ‘Fracas’ Guitar SOLD

Ramirez 2a Flamenco Guitar

The Ramírez 1a and 2a Flamenco Models are the benchmark for flamenco performers and Master-Luthiers world-wide. The 1a and 2a models are structurally and tonally identical but the 2a used cosmetically less refined woods than the 1a models. During the 1960s and 70s, Ramírez offered the 2a model at a lower price as a way to get their top level of guitar into the hands of struggling musicians.

We refer to this example of the 1967 Ramirez 2a Flamenco as ‘The Fracas Guitar’ because of its history. It was built in 1967, with the serial 2.261.

I acquired this guitar from a client in Wisconsin who bought it new in 1967. While on vacation in 1968 he left his pride-and-joy in the care of some young friends. He returned to discover that there had been a bit of a ‘fracas’ and his guitar had been damaged. Heartbroken, he packed it away and did not open the case for 45 years.

Last fall he spoke with me about restoring it to ‘as-new’. I discouraged investing in a total side replacement and restoration as the cost would exceed the value. Furthermore the guitar sounded exceptionally good as it was, even in the damaged state!

Most of the truly great sounding 1960s Flamenco guitars I see have sustained heavy use and dozens of dings and cracks – what we call ‘honest wear’. And most serious flamenco players value the tone but care little about the condition of the guitar. I suggested that he simply have the side damage repaired rather than ‘restored’. The repair result would be solid for decades to come but the overall guitar would still effectively be ‘original finish and woods’.

After due consideration, he simply sold it to me and I booked it into our workshop for the same repair work that I had recommended.

Master Luthier David Hill completed the work over the spring and summer of 2014. Where possible, all of the original shards were glued back into place, thoroughly reinforced and cleats glued to the inside.

Structurally the guitar is solid and should play beautifully for another 47 years.

Features: Red Cedar top, Cypress wood back and sides with a rosewood insert in the back, Ebony fretboard and Spanish cedar neck. I measure the scale length at 664mm. The action is at 6/64 treble to 7.5/64 bass, well within normal tolerances and the neck is true with about .010′ of relief. The friction tuners work properly and the Golpeador pick plate is intact and still properly adhered to the top.

The initials JG are stamped onto slipper foot which indicate that Juan García Rey built this instrument. Juan García Rey was one of the most prolific builders in the Ramírez workshop As a Master Luthier and a ‘disciple’ of José Ramírez III he built many Ramírez guitars, both 1a Classical and Flamenco models from the early 1960s well into the mid 1980s.

Case: The original Spanish made case that was normally supplied with Ramírez guitars in the 1960s. This case is fully intact and in ‘fair’ condition with some minor lifting of the vinyl overlay.

Price : $2450 with case  SOLD

The Twelfth Fret is proud to be the Canadian representative for the Ramírez Professional 1a Series. Generally we carry 6 to 8 new Professional Series guitars at all times plus a broad selection of the Estudio NE series guitars described elsewhere on our site.

Base prices for the new Ramirez 1a Flamenco F-656 model starts at $9450 Canadian.

As guitar makers and technicians, we supply a full service for setup, maintenance and restoration of both new and historical, vintage Ramírez guitars. The Luthiers in our workshop routinely do extensive restorations on older, well loved, historic Ramírez guitars.
Grant MacNeill, Pres. The Twelfth Fret