1969 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster (consignment) SOLD

Comments As soon as Fender put the Stratocaster in production in 1954, it became very popular and has been in production continuously. There have been some changes and modifications along the way, but the basic Strat has always been available.

This 1969 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster has been used as intended – it’s been played – and has some finish and fret wear. However, it’s been largely unchanged, with a 5-way switch being the only alteration. The original 3-way switch is in the case. It’s currently strung with light gauge strings – a .009-.042 set – and the trem springs are tightened to lock down the bridge.

The Stratocaster bridge is one of the most successful vibrato units ever, but as with all such systems, they have to be set up and maintained if the instrument’s going to stay close to pitch. A decent setup with good saddle placement, plus regular light lubrication in all the moving parts helps a lot, but one of the key tricks is to angle the claw that anchors the springs, so that the bass side springs are tighter.

This guitar sounds like… 1969. If you want that Hendrix or SRV tone, check this out!

Serial Number 259266, built during 1969 in Fullerton, California, USA.
Pricing $6,500 CAD with original case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard, mother of pearl dot position markers.
Frets Original frets with noticeable wear, but still quite playable.
Body Alder body, with some wear.
Finish Original sunburst finish with some wear on the contours, some buckle rash on the back, a few dings on the sides; the neck finish is worn along the bass side.
Hardware/electronics Chrome F-logo tuning gears, pickup #9939, pots date to 1966. As with so many strats, the switch was changed to a 5-way and that was the only electronic work done on the instrument. The original 3-way switch is in the case. Original plastic nut. Screw-on trem block and pressed steel saddles. 3-layer pickguard, 1-layer backplate.
Playability/Action Plays quite well, and rings clearly and cleanly with good articulation. Currently strung with .009’s.
Case Original hardshell case included.

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