1972 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster SOLD

Comments Here’s a treat – a 1972 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster in really nice condition.

The Stratocaster has been an extremely popular guitar since its introduction in 1954, and has since never gone out of production. It’s appeared in pretty much all music styles and the design has been copied and modified by countless other builders.

This example from 1972 is in clean, all original condition, with just a few dings around the edges and some very minor scratches. It features the 3-bolt Micro Tilt adjustment for neck angle – which was introduced partway through 1971 and is still in use today, though with a four-bolt pattern.

Serial Number 369738, built during 1972 in Fullerton, California, USA.
Pricing $3,150 CAD with original case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard, bullet type truss rod adjuster, 3-bolt MicroTilt adjustable neck plate.
Frets Minor wear on original frets.
Body Classic, contoured Strat body in alder.
Finish Gloss Red sunburst finish on the body, in good shape with a few small dings around the edges. The neck is clear gloss in good condition.
Hardware/electronics All original; arm, cover and manual included in the case.
Playability/Action Plays quite well.
Case Original hardshell case included.

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