1986 Fender 1957 Reissue Stratocaster (consignment) SOLD

Comments Building on the wild success of the Telecaster, Leo Fender introduced the more sophisticated Stratocaster in 1954. It’s been in constant production since then, with a variety of changes and reissues.

This 1986 Fender 1957 Reissue Stratocaster is an exceptionally clean example of the 1980’s ‘V’. series. It’s a reproduction of the 1957 model line, with deeper contours, a distinctive two-tone sunburst and a somewhat lighter body; ’57s were used by many influential guitarists including Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton and Eric Johnson. In fact the Eric Johnson strat is based on his 1957 model! It was built in Fender’s then-new production facility in Corona, California.

Serial Number V015624, built during 1986 at the newly-opened Fender plant in Corona, California, USA.
Pricing $1,250.00 CAD with original case. SOLD
Neck Maple neck with black dot position markers; 1957 style ‘V’ contour.
Frets Original frets with no appreciable wear.
Body Alder body with 1957 style contours.
Finish Gloss two-tone sunburst finish in excellent condition. The neck is clear gloss with a slight antique tint, also with no appreciable wear.
Hardware/electronics Entirely original except for strings, with 3-way switch, Kluson type split tuners, chrome bridge with steel saddles, single layer pickguard and backplate.
Playability/Action Plays very well, and as a Fender everything is adjustable.
Case Original tweed rectangular hardshell case included.

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